Holly Hill Lumber Company 15 (2-4-2)

This small logging locomotive was built by Baldwin in 1914 and given construction number 41648.

These photos show the locomotive in various stages of reconstruction at the Historic Railroad Shops in Savannah, Georgia. When the first two photographs were taken in the spring of 2002, the trailing truck had been removed. Later photos taken in spring of 2003 show the trailing truck in place although the rest of the locomotive has been more extensively disassembled.

Here's a closer view of the trailing truck.
In this series of three photographs, we can see details of the drivers, the left cylinder, and the pilot deck.
Here we see the right side of the backhead before it was taken apart for the restoration followed by a photo of the backhead with all the appliances removed. In the first picture, we can see the three try-cocks in the lower left, the lubricator above them, and the injector to the right. In the second photo, we can see the three openings where the try-cocks were installed. We can also see the rear boiler sheet through the fire box. The boiler flues attach to this sheet.

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