Southern Pacific 20 (0-4-0T)

We found this odd little engine at the Travel Town Museum in Los Angeles. Originally built by Baldwin in 1880, it was originally an 0-4-2 steam dummy, a locomotive disguised to look like a trolley car so it would not frighten horses. You can find a photograph of the engine in this configuration, and the fascinating history of this engine, on the Travel Town Museum web site. The engine has 36" drivers and 12" x 16" cylinders. It weighs 20 tons and it is 22' 6" long.The round canisters behind the smoke stack and sticking through the cab roof are for sand. It looks like it was converted to oil at some point. The fuel tank is a very odd design. And there is no smoke box door; apparently they had to remove all the bolts to clean the smoke box.

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