Hadaway Contracting Company 5 (0-4-0T)

HCC 5 was on an abandoned piece of track at the Agrirama in Tifton, Georgia, when the pictures were above were taken. It has since been moved under cover at the Agrirama shop and restoration has been completed as the pictures below show. It was run during 2002 but it is not run often because it tends to set the woods on fire. The engine was built by Vulcan in 1917 (builder's number 2609.) . The drivers are 30", the cylinders are 11" x 16", and the steam chests are 17" long, 16" wide, and 10" high. The wheelbase is 4' 10". The frame is 18' 11" long. The cab is 62" long and 64" tall at the side (about 10" taller at the center) and stands 26 1/2" above the railhead. The side tank is 11' 7" long, 13" thick at the sides, and 15" thick at the top. It's 68" wide and 42" high. The boiler/smokebox is 3' in diameter and extends 9 inches beyond the front of the side tank (including a 2" tapered front section.) The firebox starts 10" in front of the cab and extends 40" into the cab. The smoke box door is convex and 3" thick at the center. The stack is 27" tall, 11" in diameter at the bottom and 12" in diameter at the top with a 14" diameter ring adorning the top.

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